Knitting Season Has Arrived

It’s the time of year when knitters kick into high gear with their projects-finishing UFO’s and starting new ones.  In the new year it seems like along with resolutions, it is a good time to start some new projects too.  I just received a new mitten book by Robin Hansen called Ultimate Mittens.  Her book Favorite Mittens is a classic,  and a favorite of mine.  The new book is chock full of more new “old” patterns. Robin’s books are a history of mitten making in the Northeast-both Canada and the United States.  I have had requests in the last couple of weeks for mittens from my son Travis and my friend Paula.  Travis lost one of his Striped Mittens while cross country skiing, and Paula would like a backup pair.  She uses them when doing morning and evening chores on her farm and she says they are the only things that keep her hands warm.  They are so warm because they are double knit.

I am also fond of knitting Thrum Mittens. Thrum mittens are knit with little pieces of roving incorporated in the knitting so you have a fleece lined mitten when done.  I need to make more kits for the shop (the kit includes yarn, fiber and a pattern) but I can’t dye until it warms up a little bit.  My dye studio is in my basement and when the temperature is in the single digits it’s not conducive to a day of playing with dyes, with my hands immersed for much of the time in freezing cold water.  I hear that we are going to have temperatures in the 40’s soon, and if that happens I’ll be down there making lots of pretty yarn and fiber, and maybe a few silk scarves too.

Moonlight and Laughter Thrum Mitten Kit

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