Changes are Coming to Moonlight and Laughter!

Welcome to those who have arrived here from the Phat Fiber group on Ravelry!!!

I’m in the process of redesigning my website, and for computer illiterate me, this is quite a challenge.  So if things look a little strange please be understanding of my feeble attempts at bringing together all the aspects of my business in one place.  My son is going to be helping me with this and he just arrived home from Austria, so I’m hoping things will be moving fairly quickly now.

For distraction here’s a photo of some pretty fiber I just listed in my shop.

Moonlight and Laughter, fiber, wool,  batt, spinning, roving, orange, peach, tangerine

Moonlight and Laughter Batt

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  1. Neeny Tyo says:

    This is a wonder full site! Did I see a thing that you had pot holders or am I imagining that? If you do, do you have any left? pic’s of them ? Just wondered as it is getting close to Christmas and I have two teachers I want to get a gift for…any suggestions? Let me know…see you coming in and out and I know you’re busy…have a great day and let me know on the pot holders when you get time…! Later, Neeny

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